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U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday denounced the deadly attack on a British soldier in cheap soccer shoes a London street a day ago. "I condemn in the strongest terms the appalling attack against a British service member in Woolwich on May 22," the president said in a statement. "The United States stands resolute with the United Kingdom, our ally and friend, against violent extremism and terror." The soldier was hacked to death by two attackers wielding knives including a meat cleaver near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich in southeast London on Wednesday afternoon. The attackers were shot by the police arriving on the scene, and were sent to separate hospitals for treatment. British Prime Minister David Cameron called it a possible "terrorist incident." "There can be absolutely no justification for such acts," Obama said, noting the G8 summit slated for June in Northern Ireland will include discussions on the security challenges facing both the U.S. and Britain. The U.S. government on Thursday slapped new sanctions on Iran's 20 individuals and entities for their involvement in Tehran's nuclear and missile programs. In a written statement, the Department of Treasury accused these individuals and entities of "moving supplies and providing essential services to Iran's clandestine nuclear and weapons programs." The Treasury said that the new measures are designed to increase pressure on Tehran by tightening sanctions against Iran's energy sector and exposing its key proliferation related networks. The targeted individuals included "Seifollah Jashnsaz, Chairman of Naftiran Intertrade Company (NICO) and director of Hong Kong Intertrade Company and Petro Suisse Intertrade Company SA, as well as five individuals holding other soccer cleats for cheap leadership positions in Iran's energy sector who have been involved in Iranian attempts to evade international sanctions," according to the Treasury. Americans are banned from doing business with the entities and individuals being targeted, and their assets under U.S. jurisdiction are frozen. Correa made the statement Thursday in a television interview a day before he swears in at the National Assembly for his third term. When asked about the possibility that his political movement Alianza PAIS might not have a heavyweight to ensure a presidential victory in the next election, Correa said, "We have done so much over the past ten years and prepared many young people. Anyway, I will not show (for the next election)." Correa, in power since 2007 and re-elected in April 2009, won Feb. 17 elections again with more than 57 percent votes in his favor to govern Ecuador for another four years. During his six-year rule, a new constitution was adopted in 2008 and "citizen revolution" has been launched, aiming at reducing poverty and improving education and health care. Correa's rule ended a decade of political instability in Ecuador, and he has managed to maintain a high level of popularity as shown in a recent poll by the Mexican polling agency "Mitofsky Consultation", garnering the highest approval rate of 90 percent among 19 leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean. WASHINGTON, May 23 (Xinhua) -- A U.S. stem cell study described as a major medical breakthrough in the journal Cell last week is under investigation for so-called "image reuse," according to a report by another journal. "The American-Chinese cheap nike mercurial relationship is the most important bilateral relationship of the world," said Brzezinski in a phone interview with Xinhua on Wednesday. "Global economic stability and global security very much depend on the healthy, friendly, cooperative and mutually accommodating relationship between America and China," he said. Brzezinski's comment came ahead of the summit between Xi and Obama on June 7-8 in California's Sunnylands, the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Estate. It will be the first meeting between the two leaders since Xi took office in March. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on Tuesday highlighted the significance of the summit, saying that it will bolster the long-term, sound and steady development of China-U.S. relations, and promote peace, stability and prosperity in the region and the world. Brzezinski said he hoped that the two cheap soccer cleats leaders can take advantage of the meeting to jointly issue a communique "which outlines how the American-Chinese partnership should evolve, what should be its shared objectives, how it intends to manage the unavoidable differences that are bound to arise in a complex and comprehensive relationship." He called on both leaders to use the summit to underscore the "joint commitment" in fostering a "more wide ranging" U.S.-China partnership, and their "mutual determination" to deal "constructively" with the challenges in their relations. Citing his observation of the current status of this vital bilateral ties, Brzezinski pointed out that there has been some "deterioration in mutual confidence and in mutual understanding." "A brief look at the American mass media or at the Chinese mass media reveals that both sides incline to be quite critical of the other," he noted. Nonetheless, Brzezinski urged both countries' leaders to reach a consensus that a healthy American-Chinese partnership is in the joint interest "not only of both countries but of the whole world." "The basic facts remain that America and China are locked into the partnership on which their respective well-being very much depends," he pointed out. "If that discount soccer cleats partnership is not maintained, both countries will suffer. And ability of the world to engage in more wide ranging cooperation will dramatically diminish," Brzezinski said. "So the two leaders have a great historical responsibility on their hands," he stressed, calling on both of them to commit their countries to a "long-term, historically vital partnership." Brzezinski served as national security advisor in the Carter administration and was deeply involved in the normalization of relations between China and the United States. He is currently the counselor and trustee of the Washington-based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Last week, researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University and the Oregon National Primate Research Center reported in Cell they had successfully reprogrammed human skin cells to become embryonic stem cells cheap nike soccer cleats capable of transforming into any other cell type in the body. The research received wide media coverage but a commenter on PubPeer, a site dedicated to post-publication peer review, alleged several instances of "image reuse" in the Cell paper, according to the ScienceInsider blog published by the journal Science. The commenter also found that "in the paper, it is recorded that the journal Cell accepted this paper just four days after submission," it said. Cell spokesperson Mary Beth O'Leary confirmed the journal's editorial team "is assessing the allegations brought up in the PubPeer piece" and promised to release the results as soon as the investigation ends.

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